Freelancer Digital Planner

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Freelancer Digital Planner

Alessandro Epis
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A Digital, Undated, Weekly Planner made by Freelancers for Freelancers. It helps you organize your work and life better and get more free time!

If you are a Freelancer like me, you are probably struggling with many different tasks and clients and sometimes (or should we say "always"?) you feel overwhelmed, lose focus and work too much...

Being organized is KEY for a Freelancer and that's why I created and use the Freelance Digital Planner!

The Freelance Digital Planner has different sections that will help you organize better, stick to your plan, build stronger habits and track your progress:

  • Yearly Goals & Review
  • Quarterly Goals & Review
  • Monthly Goals & Reviews
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Daily Habits
  • Books, Courses & Tools

The Freelancer Digital Planner is a DIGITAL Product: You can Download it IMMEDIATELY!

It's UNDATED, so you can use it every year (just Copy & Paste) and start using it when you want, there's no need to wait for next January!

Use it on your favourite device: iPad, Tablet, Mobile and also Desktop with your favourite PDF-editor App.


Just awesome

I bought the freelancer digital planner because I felt losing time and focus on my tasks, even if I'm not a freelancer anymore I really started using it daily to have a better overview of my tasks/goals.



Organize your work... and much more!

I saw the price and I thought "let's try it!". Great choice for a freelancer, but also for any professional who needs to be more focused.

I really like the structure. Having goals for different periods is like sailing with a compass. You know where you want to go and you know what you need to go there.

The planner itself is a simple PDF and you have to use it with some app to edit PDF of course. Super handy using it with a tablet or iPad.

Good product, go for it!



Freelancer Digital Planner: What I needed with the perfect timing

I was looking for a digital planner and when I saw this offer I had to take it because it's specific for freelance!
If you are not familiar with digital planning, it can be confusing at the beginning. Just download a PDF editing App, open the Freelancer Digital Planner and start "playing" with it.

Remember to make some copies of it before editing so you can use it every year!

It's not a software so there is not much to say but "if you are a freelance, take it and start planning better

Compatible Apps: Goodnotes (iOS), Notability (iOS), Noteshelf (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Xodo (iOS, Android, Microsoft), Drawboard PDF (Windows 10)

Save your edited Freelancer Digital Planner on the Cloud to sync across devices (if your App doesn't do it natively)

What are you waiting for? START PLANNING NOW!

I want this!

Digital download of Freelancer Digital Planner - Yours forever - Digital, Undated, Weekly Planner

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